BOSAH Features

Bosah streamlines the process of finding a roommate and finding an apartment anywhere in Texas.

  • Suggested Screen

    This is what people see to learn more about you and choose whether you are a potential roommate or not.

  • Potential Roommates

    Is this the perfect potential roommate?

  • Chat With Matches

    Get to know each other before meeting by using our chat feature.

  • Pending Matches

    View people who have liked your profile already and match them with a tap of a button.

  • Apartment Search

    Fill out a form and a Bosah Group agent will send you a list of options that match what you’re looking for.

  • Events

    Access to exclusive Bosah events where networking takes place along with free drinks and appetizers.

How It Works

Bosah solves two problems at once. You will find the perfect roommate and the perfect apartment all in one platform.


  • Bosah makes it easy to find potential roommates. How?

    You’ll scroll through potential roommates in the area, find a few you like based on age, relationship status, pets, price range, etc., and match them. If they select you, then you’ll become a match and can chat to decide if it’s a good fit.

  • Need to find an apartment?

    On Bosah, you can fill out a form requesting a free list of apartments personalized to your specifications. A Bosah Group Agent will send you a personalized list of apartments that match what you’re looking for.

Additional Benefits

Use Bosah Group to find your next apartment and choose between a $100 visa giftcard or a 2 hour free move


We take what YOU are looking for and tailor options that are for you.


We are there to help you every step of the way.

$100 visa giftcard.

A month after moving in, we will send you a $100 visa giftcard for putting Bosah Group down as your reference.

2 Hour Free Move

We will hire movers to move your stuff from your old apartment to your new apartment and cover the first 2 hours.




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